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Creative Veterans Day Activities 2021 to Commemorate Soldiers

Veterans Day activities 2020 are a grateful way to share the moments of merriments. Activities are a way that describes the way of spirit for other good deeds. All ages of life including children, students, young ones and seniors express thankfulness to their war heroes who fought shoulder to shoulder with their brothers and face to face to enemies. They repulse the enemy’s canons, submarines, and fighter’s jets with their manhood for their fatherland.

veterans day activity ideas

Veterans Day activities for kids

There is no doubt about the spectacular importance of 11 November. Parents up bring their kids with the stories of national heroes.

Activities for kids can be:

  • Watching the Parade
  • Giving gifts to veterans
  • Saying a Poem
  • Wearing children Army uniform
  • Acting in a Skit

Veterans Day activities for kindergarten

Teachers mend their students for a lovely presentation. KG schools held a competition between the class fellows for different patriotic activities. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-grade students can perform these tasks.

  • Sketching of US Flag
  • Coloring the pages of Veterans Day
  • Coloring the army badges
  • Reciting Poems for veterans
  • 30-sec competition the speak for the USA

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Veterans day Puzzles for kids


Veterans Day activities for elementary students

Activities for school students envelope great importance. The age count of elementary students is capable to perform some interesting physical tasks and writing tasks as well.

They will be liked to do :

  • Doing math activities
  • Sketching and coloring poppy flower
  • Invite a guest reader to elementary school
  • Speech competition
  • Best veteran day outfit competition
  • Finding a veteran to meet around their living block
  • Cutting out sheets into different presentable gifts
  • Decorating the classroom with their clip art

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Veterans day Speeches

Veterans Day activities for preschoolers

Preschoolers are no doubt, adorable cute kids. Mostly they remain in the daycare center. We have also some interesting activities for these little champs.

  • A group activity to dance or wave hands
  • Singing a poem
  • Solving Veterans Day puzzles
  • Coloring the sheets
  • Making greeting card to thank veterans

Veterans Day activities for seniors

The day of 11 November is invigorating for all phases of life. Our seniors can do these activities to celebrate Armistice Day.

  • Holding a banner or poster saying thankful words to veterans
  • Running a charity marathon/race
  • Giving a treat to veteran friends
  • Arranging a free medical visit
  • Providing free meals to a veteran family
  • Arranging fund for the needy veteran
  • Publishing their stories and poems

Veterans Day activities for high school students

We are really wrapped around the fingers of Veterans Day. The high school students are really immense to celebrate the day. The middle school students can also perform these schemes.

Their school teachers lookout for the special and creative activity that includes:

  • Essay writing competition
  • Speech competition
  • Singing competition about national and patriotic songs
  • Decorating the school ground as a group task
  • Expressing the gratitude to every race without any discrimination
  • Let the bygones be by goons it is very important for the young minds
  • Designing a poster and beautiful banner

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veterans day coloring pages for school kids

Veterans Day activities at the office

Mostly there is on 11 November in the USA. But there is some work which is still needed to be open for important services like hospitals, malls, airports, etc. So those blokes can also express their gratitude to real heroes by the following activities:

  • Cutting a cake together by asking a veteran as a chief guest
  • Rich and patriotic bosses can call a paid holiday
  • Providing free meals
  • Waving US flags at the offices

Veterans Day activities for nursing homes

Nursing homes are charm full at Veterans Day. Sons, grandsons, daughters, and granddaughters pay a visit to their parents and grandparents. They sit together and make selfies and photographs and offer gifts to nursing home veterans.

  • Volunteering in nursing home tasks
  • Giving a tea treat or cake for all
  • Arranging a bus and taking them in the near the museum or national park
  • Fixing a Big screen in nursing whom to observe the national parade

veterans day celebration in nursing home

Concluding Remarks:

I hope you people liked the suggestions to celebrate the veteran’s day with doable and grateful activities. We will never forget our veterans from Iraq, Vietnam, Afghanistan and world wars.  If you want to share the famous activities that you did at home, office, school or at any place, please share your celebrating activities with us by your valuable comments below.

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