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Veterans Day Essay and Winning Essays Ideas for Contest

Veterans Day Essay is the best way regarding paying the warmest gratitude to Army veteran. Essays about veterans are easy to write. Everyone can write the creative essay after acquiring knowledge about an event. Essays relating to Veterans Day are very famous in elementary schools. The armistice was early name when this day came into existence in 1919. These Army veteran essays inspire the coming generation about the sacrifices and bloodshed for America.

Veterans Day Essay 1
Why Veterans are Special
It is not easy to devote yourself to something else. Everybody is conscious of himself. A young man loves his jolly life while a family man just thinks about the future of his children. A businessman cares about his investment, profit, and loss. Nobody can force other to devote his life to others future. It is all about the determination and unconditional love. A person who dedicates himself for the country at a risk of risk of life and selfless service offering for the land is called Soldier.
Throughout the whole life of a soldier, he faces nerve wrecking conditions, deaths of his fellows, severe injuries and threats to lose his life. He experiences the dust of different soils and lands for sake of his sacred land. There are different defense departments in the U.S military. They contain Navy, Army and Air Force. The soldiers give their services to all departments according to his interest and passion for serving.
During Great Wars and Vietnam War American soldiers proved that nobody is above of us in save the respect and dignity of sacred land. Millions have face martyr and millions were injured and lead to death. Their deaths have proved the importance of ground.
American Veterans are special because during World War I & II they volunteered to serve their country. They volunteered even they know the dangers and circumstances through which they will pass. Veterans stories have proved that the love and passion for a country were so high that newly married men were eager to serve the country. Veterans are the most respectable in the country due to their selfless and courage full services and sacrifices for the U.S land.

Veterans Day Essay 2

Why I am Proud of My veteran
In the chaos of World War I, the Germans were dominating the world. The Nazis were putting their Hitler’s thoughts into reality. On both sides, the race of becoming powerful was causing the massacre on victimized poor people. The generals and high authorities of both sides were greedy for dominating on each other. The cruel and complex scientific searches were in action to increase the human power in battle.
The alliances of America were trying to coup the initial German sabotaging. America was helping them indirectly with warheads and Money. But America takes a stand against Germans and his alliances when the German navy submarines sank the merchant ships of America in the restricted sea territory. Woodrow Wilson asked Congress to put a war on Germany. At that time Germany has the largest Army of 3.7 Million. The union of British contains 0.7 million in an army. There was great need of men ahead.
Lorne Tudhope is Canadian boy and paratrooper in WWII in an age of 18. He told that 16,000 paratroopers jumped in the close combat and they were being shot from the down as an easy target and most of the paratrooper was young and some of them were the only child of the parents.
I am proud of my veterans because of their willpower and dignity. They served us and many of them sacrifice their lives. I am proud of my veterans because of their unconditional and selfless service for the future of the country and nation. I am proud of my veterans because they never let the respect and images of a country down. I pay gratitude to veterans for their passion and enthusiasm to serve the country. Veterans are the real heroes and assets of America.

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Veterans Day Essay Sample

Value of U.S Flag
If you own a Flag to show the world where you belong than be grateful. Possession of flag leads towards a great and inspirational feeling. Flags are the best aspect to define love as a country. Flag gives you power and courage to respect someone. There is no any country in the world which has no flag. Conflicted areas in the world have no right to have the flag.
During days of prosperity and touching the limits of skies, flags remind us of someone who has given their time, life and bear the burden of lifting this flag from those who tried to disrespect the flag. Flag and freedom are inevitable for each other. Freedom has to earn while Flag is its Reward. To earn freedom sacrifices are compulsory.
Someone has to sacrifice his comforts and has to provide unconditional and dedicated service to the country. They have well aware of hardships, difficulties, risks, and consequences of serving the country. But they rose to sustain the dignity and unity of America. These men sacrificed their lives and watered the roots of this sacred land with their blessed blood. Other who succeeds and returned back are symbols of devotion and determination.

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Veterans Day essay contest

Veterans day essays contest is very interesting motion in the middle, elementary and high schools. These school kids write the essays and submit to the related organization. After sorting and grading, they announce the winners every year. Every organization provides the Specific Topic and Number of Words for the essay. The competitor has to follow the rules to qualify the essay contest.
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Veterans Day essay to Pics

Veterans Day essays are the first thing to hang in classrooms and coaching hall for kids. Posters and pics of a veteran essay are printable and fixed on wood board to show in Veterans parade.

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Veterans Day Essay Middle School

This Veterans Day essay is written by a girl whose grandfather is a veteran. He served in the Air Force.
Thank you very much for saving us. I thank God to have a brave grandfather with me. You flown in the sky, you faced hard times, your friend sacrificed for the land. You always told me the stories of two brothers who faced death n front of each other but they were smiling as they sacrificed for us and this nation.
You told me the stories when you were young and you want to be a businessman but during WWII you picked by Army and trained as a fighter pilot and you were thinking that this is not true. I laughed the first time when you told me this.
It is more like a thank you note for a veteran from his grandchildren.

veterans day essay contest

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