16 Stupefying Veterans Day Facts From the History

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Always be Thankful to Veterans and Honor them with Warmest Graditude.Vetrans day Quotes, images, gifts, deals and sales, freebies,Poems, stories and facts about veterans day.

16 Stupefying Veterans Day Facts From the History

Veterans Day facts in history are very astonishing. It was the end of non-forgettable world war I. President Woodrow Wilson announced the November 11th as the Armistice Day in 1919. Veterans Day has changed the name of Armistice Day. In 1938, Nov. 11 became the national holiday.

The real thinking behind Creating veterans day was to commemorate and paying Gratitude to soldiers of World War I. In 1926, Congress passed a resolution to observe this day every year for veterans. In 1954, President Eisenhower signed Veterans Day into existence.

There is federal Holiday on Veterans Day and American pay tribute and honor the veterans whether they are dead or alive. There are 20.4 million Veterans according to the survey in 2016.

The largest parade Held in New York City and President Clinton did most speeches About Veterans day.

Important Veterans Day facts to Remember

• There is Confusion between Memorial Day and Veterans Day but now it is cleared. Veterans Day is all about honoring the veterans.

At Veterans Day nation pays the warmest Gratitude to dead and alive veterans who served in U.S military.
While Memorial Day pays tribute to those who died in U.S Military Service

• In 1919, President Wilson declared a commemoration to celebrate the Armistice Day with parades And Public meeting.

• On May 13, 1928, President Coolidge declared Armistice day a legal yearly Holiday.

• At first Armistice Day celebrated to honor WWI veterans, but after WWII and Korean War the Congress made the Armistice Day into more Related Name as Veterans Day. President Eisenhower signed the bill of changing Armistice Day into Veterans Day.

• There was not a fixed day or date for the observance of Veterans Day. President Ford returned the Observance of Veterans day to 11th of November regardless of the Day.

• The silence of two minutes observed November 11 at 11 a.m in Europe and Commonwealth Countries.

• “Veterans Day” has no need of apostrophe when you spell it.

• Biggest ceremony held in Arlington Cemetery to pay the Gratitude and honor to those Served in U.S Army.

• Schools, colleges, Public centers arrange a gathering to give the speeches. Parades are held across America.

• According to the survey in 2014, there are 1.6 million female veterans and 1.7 million Veterans including men and women were younger than 35.

• First national Veterans Day Award won by a congressman Ed Rees.

• Veterans Day tribute 5 branches of Military. Army, Navy, Air Force, Cyberspace and the United States Marine Corps.

• In 1971, Veterans Day moves to 4th Monday of October but after president Ford returned this day to original date November 11th.

• Veterans Day was take place in 1919 but Veterans Day Award was created in 1954, Alabama.

• The first and last Unknown Soldier buried at Arlington Cemetery. His Grave is called Tomb of Unknown Soldiers.

• Since 1929, Veterans Day parade held in New York City. The parade starts from 11:15 a.m and ends at 3:30 p.m. There are approximately 25,000 participants in the Veterans Day parade.


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